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On The House Records

Celebrating the UK's grassroots music community with one-off, limited, hand-signed physical pressings from the country's hottest underground acts. Selected by over 70+ music reviewers and industry professionals.


Over the last 3 years we have built a community from the ground up by asking members of the underground music industry to review local artists in return for brand promotion, music contacts and sometimes even prizes! This is all under our main channel, On The House. In 2020, we realised that the community we've built wants to be more involved with the business and helping build a stronger model that will help shape a small part of the local music scene, so we had to think of a way to make that happen. This is when On The House Records was born.


Because we love music, that's why! As a registered Community Interest Company, On The House Music CIC and all of our subsidiary outlets are committed to serving the music community and will always distribute funds fairly. As purveyors of all genres of music and people who understand the impact it can have on someone’s life, we take great pride in being a part of the process and creating those moments that people will remember for the rest of their lives. We love passion, that’s our thing.


“First Press”

Our “First Press” series is aimed exclusively at fresh underground artists, to help them print and distribute their very first physical music release. We work with our 70+ reviewers and speak with artists to make sure every release is as dynamic and equally impressive as the last, whilst showcasing the diversity of the OTH Music CIC family. We know its hard to spare money for an artist you’ve never heard of, so why not buy with confidence and purchase a local music record that has been backed by 70+ members of the music industry?

Each Cd/Record is hand-signed by the artist and once they are gone – they are gone. We reserve a small handful of copies from each release for pop-up shops, so make sure you keep up to date and come find us in your town – especially if you’ve missed out!

“Local Legends”

Reserved for limited, one-off, special runs of classic underground records by artists that have helped shape the underground industry in some form, or have achieved a level of longevity in their careers. They may not be traditionally successful, but their efforts have proven that success can be found in all areas of the industry. These releases are again, hand-signed and limited to a maximum of 250 copies. Far and few between, these releases are meticulously chosen by our entire 70+ reviewer community and we whittle them down to the very last one. We’re putting the effort in, so you don’t have to.


Have a question? Email us at onthehousemusic.submission@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for supporting our little community, we hope you enjoy what you find! <3